Budget & Procurement

The budget of the Department comprises of three main programmes, namely;

Programme 1:  Administration

The role of the programme is to provide leadership, strategic management in accordance with the legislation, regulations, policies as well as providing appropriate support service to other programmes. The programme comprises of four sub-programmes, namely;

  • Office of the MEC
  • Management Services
  • Financial Management
  • Corporate Services

Programme 2:  Environmental Affairs

The aim is to coordinate the sub-programmes that will assist in the protection of human health and the environment in the province through the implementation and monitoring of legislation and policies in the areas of Air Quality, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Compliance Monitoring, Environmental Impact, Protected Areas, Pollution Control, Protected Areas and Waste Management. The programme comprises of the following sub-programmes;

  • Environmental Quality Management
  • Environmental Policy, Coordination Planning and Empowerment
  • Compliance and Enforcement
  • Biodiversity Management

Programme 3:  Economic Development

The programme aims to promote vibrant economic activities within the province by ensuring the transformation in the Tourism industry and enhancement of the development and growth of businesses in the province through training as well as providing of non financial and financial support. The programme comprises of the following sub-programmes;

  • Integrated Economic Planning and Development
  • Sector Development
  • Business Regulation and Governance
  • Tourism Support