About Us

Departmental Mandate:

“To create and enabling environment for sustainable growth through economic development and environmental oversight.”

Economic and Small Business Development:

  • Manage the provision of integrated economic development services, including access to funding and create enabling environment for inclusive economic growth and job opportunities
  • Manage and facilitate the provision of enterprise development support services
  • Manage the development and promotion of sustainable SMME’s and Corporatives
  • Manage the provision of economic trade and sector development services
  • Manage the provision of business regulatory services, economic empowerment and consumer protection services
  • Manage and coordinate the investment promotion strategies and plans
  • Manage and coordinate the development of strategic sectors and economic planning models
  • To grow the Tourism sector’s contribution to the Free State provincial economy
  • Manage the development and implementation of funding and resource mobilization models
  • Manage and coordinate the provision of entity oversight and stakeholder relations services

Environmental Affairs:

  • Biodiversity Monitoring, Scientific Support and Protected Natural Environment
  • Management of Environmental Development Impacts and Waste
  • Ensuring effective and efficient Environment Extension, Awareness and project development support
  • Management of Free State Resorts for optimal Eco-tourism
  • To regulate, manage and ensure the provision of environmental management services in the province by contributing to sustainable development, livelihoods support, green and inclusive economic growth by facilitating skills development, employment creation and infrastructure development by:
  • Management of the regulation of the Biodiversity and Eco system Utilization
  • Management of Environmental Compliance, Enforcement and Authorisation

Vision Statement

“A transformed economy and a prosperous society that is living in harmony with its natural resources.”

Mission Statement

“To be a leading and developmental institution, that drives economic transformation, environmental sustainability, system change and adaptation to the ever-changing dynamics for the benefit of the Free State.”

 The Core Values

  •  Team Work
  •  Integrity
  •  Accountability
  •  Passion